January Reading Challenge Update

frog-readingOkay, so it has been a month. What have I read? Have I made Progress?

Aries: Riddle Me Wicked (Boys Of The Zodiac) 
Vivien Dean
18% Gray (Task Force Iota #1) 
Anne Tenino
A Fresh Set of Eyes
Liz Strange
A Serving of Love (Taste of Love #2)
Andrew Grey
Always Hope
Lisa Worrall
An Admirer
Megan Derr
Ash Swan (Cob Brothers #1)
Stephani Hecht, Amber Kell
Beneath the Neon Moon
Theda Black
M.J. O’Shea READ
JL Merrow


Dex in Blue
Amy Lane
Dirty Secret (A Cole McGinnis Mystery #2)
Rhys Ford
First Impression
Sara Winters
Lissa Kasey
If It Ain’t Love
Tamara Allen
In Darkness Bound (The Society #1)
Christine Price
The Usual Apocalypse (The Society #2)
Christine Price
Isabelle Rowan
Ink Illusions (A “Masquerade” Story)
Val Kovalin
Jailhouse Rock
Xara X. Xanakas, L.C. Chase
Lessons in Discovery (Cambridge Fellows #3) 
Charlie Cochrane
Lessons in Power (Cambridge Fellows #4) 
Charlie Cochrane
Lessons in Temptation (Cambridge Fellows #5) 
Charlie Cochrane
Megan Derr
Enlightened (Little Boy Lost #1)
J.P. Barnaby
Love Means… Healing (Love Means… #7) 
Andrew Grey
Mr. Wonderful (Sweet Treats #2)
Stormy Glenn
My Summer of Wes
Missy Welsh
Naked Tails
Eden Winters
Open Tackle
L.C. Chase
Our Sacred Balance (Triquetra #3) 
Marguerite Labbe
(Pembroke Eve Chronicles #1)Shadows of the Mind
Mark Alders
(Pembroke Eve Chronicles #2) Light of the Body
Mark Alders
(Pembroke Eve Chronicles #3)Time of the Soul
Mark Alders
Simon, Sex, and the Solstice Stone
Kay Berrisford
Tattoos & Teacups
Anna Martin
The Love Troll: Guys & Trolls 2
Barry Lowe
The Way to Will
Drew Hunt
The Zero Knot
K.Z. Snow
Sean Kennedy
Tooth & Nail (Warders #2) 
Mary Calmes
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Jules Verne, Marie Sexton
Vlad the Paler
Wolf Moon
Ethan Stone


Zero Hour: A Dystopian Adventure
Jordan Castillo Price

Three down. I figure that’s pretty darn good for me.🙂

6 thoughts on “January Reading Challenge Update

  1. Chris says:

    You’re on a roll!😀

    • Tam says:

      And I’ve already read 2 more this month. Woohoo. Okay, one of them was only 4 pages I realized so that helped speed it along. LOL

  2. Crissy M says:

    Question…you’re planning on reading these throughout the year, or is this a month’s worth?…and number two, It’s been a while since I read Riddle Me Wicked by Vivien Dean, but from what I remember, I really liked it…My favorites in that series are Taurus: All that You Do and Leo: All That We Are both are Jamie Craig novels. Okay, third, there are a TON on this list that I have not read that I probably need to…

    • Tam says:

      Definitely over the year. These are just the books that were back-logged in my ARe account. There are others, believe me. LOL I think I have Taurus as well.

      I think I started some of these, then lost interest, so I’m just going to try and power through or at least give them one more shot and if they still don’t take, then I’ll admit defeat and that they just aren’t for me.

  3. orannia says:

    Three is a great start. I have my eye on 18% Grey (sorry) Gray…(I find it so hard to use an ‘a’🙂

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