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This is not a post about reviewing at Goodreads, should you/shouldn’t you, bad behaviour, etc. I’m just curious whether people are using it, if you find you use it more/less than before, differently than when you first discovered it, etc.

When I finally broke down and joined GR, I surprised myself by liking it. I joined the m/m group and got to know quite a few people and participated. I definitely kept track of my books.  I joined in Aug. 2009. Wow. Go figure. Since then, things have changed.

Keeping Track of Books

That was my primary purpose for joining, and I still religiously add the books that I’ve read. Otherwise I’d have no clue how many I have, or have read. Wait, maybe that would be a good thing. I’m 2 away from 2,000 rated. Ack!


I recently changed my shelving titles. I started out pretty basic and have expanded some, but every now and then I think “Hmm. Maybe I should have GFT, or May-December or Friends-to-Lovers as categories.” And then I quickly realize that I would need to go back and re-shelve 2000 books and … yeah, so much for that brilliant idea.

Participating in Groups

I was quite active in the m/m group for a couple of years I suppose. I played lots of the games, followed lots of threads, but I have drifted away. I still pop over now and then and check out the book discussion threads, or sex tips, or threads like that. However, all of the Bingos and games I’ve stayed away from. I just didn’t have the time or energy to devote to it, and as the group got bigger, I kind of drifted back. I think it’s great the group is bigger. I think that means more people are finding the genre, and for many of us who feel like we’re the lone reader of m/m in the wilderness, it’s amazing to find out there are lots of us out there. I’ve met some great people there I consider friends, so I certainly think the groups are useful.

I’ve been in a few other groups which I don’t really visit much. I try to join groups for publishers I’m involved with, and check them now and then, but I just don’t have the time to follow 100 threads on lots of different groups.  I admit I removed myself from a few groups recently. I wasn’t visiting, and being a member and not participating seemed kind of pointless.

I should probably keep my author threads up-to-date. Yeah. That. LOL

Recent Updates

That’s kind of where I’ve been hanging out. I don’t have ALL of my friends as top friends. I’d never keep up, but those I know or who seem to have similar taste are there. I’ve actually found some interesting blog posts simply by clicking on links to things that friends have liked. They may not be by authors I know, or even in genres I read, but I’ve found some really interesting and thought-provoking and absolutely hilarious things to read that way. I have to say Experiment BL626 is great for this because he follows a wide range of authors in YA and Urban Fantasy, so he is often my conduit to find interesting posts. Thanks.😉 I also like to see when someone either hated/loved a book I didn’t or where we mesh. Human nature seems to want to compare ourselves to others.

Finding New Books

This is kind of related to the Updates I suppose. There are so many books and I sometimes feel like I’m out of the new loop. I see people adding tons and tons of books that I’ve not read or even heard of. Like many authors, I probably started reading less as I wrote more. Time is a finite resource, but every now and then, when a book shows up over and over, it does tempt me to grab it.

My Profile

I try to keep my profile up-to-date and make sure that my books added are right and have the right pics/links, but I don’t check my book ratings (anymore LOL) or do much else there. No time to play around with the options.


I still post all of my reviews there, but not all are completely. For some books I simply give a few lines. I’ve only been doing full reviews (on my site) of books I’ve enjoyed, sort of 4* and above. I still rate books otherwise, but I may only give a short paragraph on my feelings. I don’t find just star ratings very helpful so I like to explain why I gave something, even if just a couple of lines.

(We won’t discuss the author-as-reviewer thing today.)

Reading Challenge

I do use the reading challenge. Sometimes it can be a great boost to your self-esteem. “You’re doing great!” LOL Thanks. The exclamation marks help make my day.


These posts are cross posted to my author page thingy. So anyone following me can find them. It’s not instantaneous though. Sometimes it takes a day to show up. Does anyone care? Whatever.🙂


I don’t have that many. I think 141, but since the beginning when I started tracking down my friends, I haven’t really reached out to anyone. If people friend me, as long as you have m/m books, I’m good. No books in common? Sorry. I just haven’t gone looking for friends. Not really my style. But you’re welcome to click on me and add me.


I’m not sure I’ve ever participated as a contest participant, after Eden Winters’ post about them, I definitely will NOT ever be starting one up. That I could be obliged to send adult material to underage participants is not a liability I want to take on. I’ll stick to the usual blog give-aways that happen.


I don’t have widgets, nor does my GR stuff show up in my Twitter/Facebook feeds. I ignore all that stuff.

Book Recommendations

Unless someone specifically asks (Joyfully Jay wanted sexy Highlander books before her trip), I don’t usually bother. So many books, you’ll find something.

Huh. Who knew GR had all those things.🙂 There’s probably tons of options there that I’ve never even taken advantage of. I do get all these book convos which I think are based on your books on your shelf? Not sure. Lots of Harry Potter discussions which I’ve never clicked on (if a discussion already had 650 comments, I’m not going to check it out) but today I did click on an Agatha Christie Then There Were None discussion and one on The Cat in the Hat, which was so outrageous I was compelled (just to see people get up in arms about someone obviously being facetious). So I guess I proved that having them there works to a degree.


So. Are you using GR more or less than when you joined? Differently? What do you like to check out, and what do you never even think about? Are you even there? Wish you weren’t? LOL

12 thoughts on “Monday Mumbling – Goodreads

  1. Chris says:

    I don’t participate much in the m/m group beyond the contests thread.

    I do add my non-rpf (real person fic) reads, but there haven’t been many of those recently. I keep track of all my reading, including my rpf reads, at LibraryThing – you can mark books as private there. And… I’ve discovered that books I’ve added and reviewed at GRs sometimes vanish from my shelves, so I’m glad I’ve been maintaining my LibraryThing.

    Most of my participation is via updates from my friends, too.🙂

    • Tam says:

      You’ve had books vanish? Regular books or fanfiction? I know there was the big kerfuffle over whether works published solely on-line count as “published” and some wanted to have them all removed. Hmmm. I’ve never noticed anything disappearing, but then I rarely check.

      I check the m/m group once in a while to keep up to date with what’s happening, but I just don’t have the time or energy to follow it compulsively.

      • Chris says:

        Non-fan fiction books published online are all I’ve noticed so far. I’ll just continue to maintain my LibraryThing, from which things don’t vanish. Plus it supports multiple reading dates for rereads, non-public books, awesome searching, etc.

        • Tam says:

          I’ve never tried library thing, but the idea of starting over at this point doesn’t make me inclined to start a new system.

          • Chris says:

            Understandable, although you can export your GRs library and import it into LT (as well as the other direction). However, you can only add so many books to LT before there’s a fee. Can’t remember what that is, actually, as I paid the lifetime membership fee ($25? $40?) when I started using it in 2006 or so. (Definitely before GRs was really an option.)

  2. K. Z. Snow says:

    I primarily use GR to discover new books that might interest me and keep track of the ones I’d like to read someday. The only group I enjoy participating in is Josh Lanyon’s. (The members are bright, articulate, helpful, and civil, so we have lively discussions that never descend into snarkiness and sniping — a pleasant change!)

    The M/M Romance group? WAY too large and chaotic, so I avoid it. Just trying to navigate through the bazillion threads — very few of which even remotely interest me — makes my head spin. The most I’ll do is post an announcement there now and then. (Plus, it makes me feel like a big, fat nobody in the genre, which can be a tad discouraging.)

    • Tam says:

      I am a member of that group, but I never go there. Another one of the ones I should probably remove myself from. If you find a good group though it’s great.

      Size is probably part of it. It’s so hard to keep up in some of the large groups. It’s great for those who enjoy that, but I just don’t have time to keep track of all the threads. And as I noted, if there is already 650 comments, I’m unlikely to jump in. It’s too hard to catch up.

      • K. Z. Snow says:

        I give the mods credit for all the work they’ve put into the group, but it’s just too much of a cluster**** to bother with.

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  4. orannia says:

    I came to this post via Chris’ linkity and you see the status updates of top friends? So…you can have a friend who is not a top friend and not see their posts? I like that idea. ‘Cause sometimes someone can post so much that unless I check regularly during the day (which doesn’t happen unless I’m not working) I can miss friends’ updates.

    Oh, and I do catalogue my books there, but I so go for the updates🙂

    And I don’t think we are GR friends, but I pretty much just read m/m (with the the odd fantasy book thrown in🙂 ) so…could I friend you please?

  5. Tam says:

    Yes, yes, friend me.🙂 When you go into your friends list, click edit friend and there is the top friends box by each one. if you uncheck it, you don’t see their updates.

    I also hate that if you click “I want to read this book” it automatically goes into your update feet. Grrrr. I don’t want to tell the world, most people don’t care. I get it that they think it’s “advertising” for the book, but sometimes for people who add a lot of books it just clogs up your feed.

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