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Wow, last week I was a posting maniac, this week… not so much. A roller coaster of posting. That’s me.


So late last fall, I saw a call for submissions from Storm Moon Press for a dragon shifter anthology. The only criteria was one of the guys had to be a dragon (or both I suppose), so after humming and hawing, I had this idea to use Chinese dragons. So I started doing some research and voila, Finding the Rain, was born. Thanks to the play last fall, I really kind of stalled on it, but I managed to get it finished over Christmas and submitted, and I am thrilled to be a new author at Storm Moon Press. Tian and Buwei will be coming to an anthology near you in late April.

The process is just starting, I just signed the contract this week, so as we get closer to release date I’ll share more info. It is quite different for me, she of the humorous contemporary/paranormal. It’s not a historically accurate historical, but I did try to find information on-line that makes it a bit of a fantasy amalgam of ancient China, in the times when dragons were worshipped, and were very real creatures, not merely symbols of the Emperor.

So stay tuned. I do enjoy dragons (well, in literature, never having met on personally… I don’t think) so I’m looking forward to seeing who else was selected for the anthology, and the different spins we all put on the dragon lore.


12 thoughts on “Writing News

  1. melaniem says:

    Tam, I have recently read several dragon shifter stories and have loved all the different takes various authors have on dragons. I can’t wait to read yours Especially if you are going the Chinese route. Let me know when you get a release date. And Congratulations!

  2. ingrid2009 says:

    You met me🙂 according to Chinese astrology I am a dragon.

    Congrats on the new book!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dragon shifters…I’m in! Love them! Can’t wait for this antho!🙂

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