Weekend Update

So what’s new you ask? Eh. Same old, same old.

The Play: 6 more days to our first performance. Eeeek. Ticket sales are coming along, finances are fine I think, we seem to have all of the props, furniture, costumes, etc. The sets are built and painted (need to be assembled on site), sound effects need some work yet, but we’re getting close. Some days my stress level is through the roof, some days not so much. Some days my daughter and I are at each other’s throats, some days we commiserate together. We will survive.🙂 Monday we are going to be a local live talk program on cable TV. Our first time so hopefully it will go well and promote some ticket sales.

Work: Thankfully I do NOT have to go to Quebec City next week. Things seem to be coming along with that program though and we have good people in charge in each city who will make it work.

Writing: Ummmm. Yeah. That. No comment.

Reading:  I have actually been reading a lot of shorts. I am trying to get ahead because next week I’ll be useless likely. I have read a few other longer (novella) books though this past week. You’d think I have no time, but burying your head in the sand (or a book) and pretending all that other stuff doesn’t exist is a legit coping strategy I say.

15830682Blamestorming by Stephani Hecht. I haven’t reviewed it but for those who follow the EMS series it was pretty typical and sweet. What I expected and was in the mood for.

16083490Lessons for Lewis (The Larson Legacy #2) by Amber Kell. I haven’t reviewed this one either. It was again, what I expected, although better than some I’ve read lately. I liked werewolf Lewis and vampire John. I was a bit confused by the antagonist who seemed to flip-flop between the bag guy and decent purpose, but it was a decent read.

16089882Shane’s Inner Anger (Lost Shifters #20) by Stephani Hecht. Okay, Shane is my favourite because who doesn’t love a psychopath with a heart of gold. When he goes after his mate’s former captor, who now has his daughter, you know all hell is going to break loose and a 7 year old fighting back to back with her daddies is… Okay, it was kind of sweet, and I’m sick. But I love Shane.

Christmas: All I can say is thank the Baby Jeebus for on-line shopping. Also I really only buy for my daughter and a few small things here and there. I am totally not focused on it though. We have no tree or decorating done. We would usually do our tree next weekend but that is going to be nutso, so I guess early the following week. Apparently there is a Christmas gathering at my house on the 22nd, so that means I actually have to have things fixed up and ready before then. Surprise, mom!

That is it here. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and here is a little eye candy for good measure.

This made me laugh.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Cole says:

    I wish I could come see the play! You’ve done so much work and spend so much time on it, I’m sure it will be wonderful🙂

    • Tam says:

      I wish you could come too. It really has been like a full-time job, or at least part-time. Apparently rehearsal yesterday was “awful” but I think it was 5th rehearsal on a Friday of a long week, so I’m thinking bad rehearsal, great show. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. LOL Of course this morning I woke up at 7:00 thinking of the million things I need to do yet this week. Ugh.

      • Cole says:

        It will come together, I mean, I remember in my musical theater days that rehearsals were always at least a little bit half assed, cause you’re hanging out with your friends and everything, but people usually bring their A game when it comes down to it because they’re the ones that look like an ass if they don’t, you know? So I bet you it will pull together right at the last minute🙂

        • Tam says:

          That’s usually the way it goes, however she was not an easy kid to deal with last night. I thought there might have been mutterings of “PMS” as well. LOL Not sure her, or them.

  2. Chris says:

    Heh, that’s my favorite coping strategy, too!🙂

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