Thursday Theme – Kisses

This is one of those meme things I found which seems easy enough. LOL (lazy am I) The rules are easy:

  • Select a conversation/snippet/sentence from the current book you are reading
  • Mention the author and the title of the book along with your post
  • It is important that the theme is conveyed in the sentence (you don’t necessarily need to have the word)
    Ex: If the theme is KISS; your sentence can have “They kissed so gently” or “Their lips touched each other” or “The smooch was so passionate”

Make your snippet as long as you like.

The last book I read was called Snow and Mistletoe by TC Blue (yes, a Christmas story) and the review will be at BER next week.

Then Ty was right there in front of him, lips hot and soft when they met Richard’s, and Richard melted at the sensation of heat and tongues and strong nips that he returned tentatively, at first, then with more gusto.

One thought on “Thursday Theme – Kisses

  1. Cole says:

    O-oooh that’s a sexy kiss!

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