I’m all over the interwebz

So not true, but funny

I’m out and about on the web the last couple of days, so come by and say hi. (click on the pics for the websites)

At Mrs. Condit and Friends some of us from the Lashings of Sauce anthology talk about the influences for our short stories and how they came to be.

As well, there is a lovely 5 star review at the same site and if you leave a comment on either post you could win a copy of the anthology. So stop by and leave your name. It’s really an excellent collection and I was so pleased to see that a Londoner enjoyed my story and I didn’t get it horribly wrong. The fear you always have when you write about a city that is not your own.

And finally, my friend Polt has been asking his readers 10 questions, random fun questions to get to know us better. Stop by and find out my fave ice-cream and whether I’d go on Dancing with the Stars or not. (Dancing with the non-stars I suppose they’d have to rename if I agreed.) You can also find out how Polt and I met. And yes, we have met, in real life, several times. I lurve the internet. Virtual friends turn into real one.

Have a great weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “I’m all over the interwebz

  1. melaniem says:

    Tam, got the anthology, loved it and am writing the review. But can someone please tell me the definition of Lashing exactly. Helping? A serving? I got the need to know!!!

  2. Tam says:

    A lashing is a super generous helping. So lots of gravy or choc sauce.

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