Vacation Update

Trying to catch up a bit. Wednesday we went to the University of British Columbia for a tour. It was a GORGEOUS campus and half the time felt like we were in the forest or at a campground, not a campus.

The zen garden on campus.

More zen garden

The rose garden and the view of the mountains from the campus.

The rose garden on campus.

Typical area of the campus.

Then we headed off toward Calgary. We went via Kelowna where they have lots of vineyards and orchards. We stopped at one Vineyard overlooking the lake. It was gorgeous.

Then we stopped at a honey shop and my kid was goofy.

Some pics of the mountains as we continued our journey toward my cousin’s house outside of Calgary. It is gorgeous and the drive is lovely.

The water in the rockies has a special silt that absorbs all colored light except blue/turquoise so all the rivers look like turquoise milk. It’s so gorgeous and a bit weird.

Lake Louise

Moraine Lake, another gorgeous blue lake. The water is FREEZING though, A few fools where in there, tourists.🙂 British.

The difference once you get out of the mountains (about a 30 min. drive from Banff) where my cousin lives. Flat flat flat.

Today we are going to check out a waterfall and hopefully see some wildlife. So far we’ve seen a chipmunk and three deer right by my cousin’s house. We’re hoping for a mountain goat or a moose. Maybe a squirrel. Sigh.

13 thoughts on “Vacation Update

  1. Val Kovalin says:

    Gorgeous photos. Looks a bit like Washington state.

  2. Chris says:

    The mountainous parts are stunning! The flat… well…😉

    • Tam says:

      LOL It was amazing how we went from mountains to flat in less than half hour. The mountains were amazing.

  3. poltguy says:

    Geez, Louise that lake was gorgeous!🙂 And you’re kid gets her goofiness from her mom ya know?🙂 Continue to have a great time!


    • Tam says:

      The colour doesn’t show well in the pictures but the water everywhere is that gorgeous turquoise blue and usually milky. It’s amazing and with the mountains and snow just stunning. The water is freezing though, probably about 45F and people are in there, usually silly tourists

  4. Michelle M. says:

    Wow – it’s gorgeous up there. We had the mountains to flat thing in Colorado. It’s weird.
    Love the Kid!

  5. Cole says:

    I love that when you drive up to the mountains from the plains instead of the other way around and you can see them for almost a day slowly creeping up on you. Beautiful!

    • Tam says:

      Yes, that’s cool too. Because of the heat here which is very unusual it’s kind of hazy so today was not a great view until we were right in the mountains. Tomorrow we are heading to the Bad Lands, the exact opposite, not a tree for miles and nothing but rock and dirt.🙂

  6. ingrid2009 says:

    At least you had good weather. My cousin who is there too now had two weeks of rain.
    I think I can show you flatter! About 5 minutes from here, hehe

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