Canadian Author Promo at Brief Encounters Reviews

Hey everyone. Over at Brief Encounters Reviews we have a couple of exciting weeks coming up where we are going to be profiling some exciting Canadian m/m authors. (click on the pic) We may be small in number and polite, but we’re feisty and know a good read when we see one. I’ve posted the schedule below and we have a super give-away package where each other is offering up one of their books to a lucky reader so, one reader per author, lots of chances to win.

I hope you’ll visit everyday and read the interviews along with the reviews and maybe find a new favourite or two (or more) in the bunch. Enjoy.

  • June 24 – Kate Sherwood
  • June 25 – Keira Andrews
  • June 26 – Jaime Samms
  • June 27 – Pender Mackie
  • June 28 – KC Burn
  • June 29 – Elizabeth Lister
  • June 30 – Heidi Belleau
  • July 1 – Canada Day Celebration
  • July 2 – Jane Davitt
  • July 3 – Kaje Harper
  • July 4 – ID Locke
  • July 5 – Sue Holston
  • July 6 – GP Keith
  • July 7 – DW Marchwell

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