January Blahs

That’s about what I got. Blah. Not sure it’s the weather or time of year or what. But I have read hardly anything the past week. I have been working on a story about Lane and Gavin, my couple from the Christmas story I wrote called The Santa Problem since Kris has been hassling me about that.😉 So that’s been kind of occupying me. 23,000 words. Hmm. Still more to go.

That’s about it. I try to write something every night, even if only a few paragraphs. Nothing else much, although my kidlet is in the thick of final exams for this term. She had history yesterday, English today and Chemistry Monday. Then a day off and she starts the second term.  Work has been challenging. Contracting is going to give me nightmares. It is just a convoluted process and even when you ask advice and assume you are submitting things correctly, they come back with issues. I’m getting a permanent bruise on my forehead from slamming my head against my computer screen. I am starting to ramp up our prep for my trip to San Francisco at the beginning of March, but it’s kind of in that chaos stage where tons of ideas are being kicked around without any real direction, but we are getting there.

So that’s about it. What’s happening on the web these days? Well here are some things out and about. (If there is no underlined link, just click on the picture.)

Over at Cocky & Rude we had the Match Game again. I am a panelist and you can follow along. It’s great fun and I think my answers were pretty good. There are three parts, so Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Adam’s plaid suit is smokin’.

In related Cocky and Rude news, the amazing Mikey and Ty got ENGAGED! Totally romantic, the proposal came on a dog tag attached to a new puppy, well, he’s not quite a puppy, but new fur baby for the guys. Okay, everyone all together now, “Awwwwww.” So gigantic congrats and hugs to Mikey and Ty and Roscoe. May you all have many happy years together.

The boys at 2 Boys in Love, Matt and Brad are looking for some uplifting, not depressing and weird, gay move recs. If you have any stop by and let them know.

Coffee and Porn in the Morning, the blog of Heidi Cullinen and Marie Sexton is having  1st birthday and holy smokes, they have free stories (the complete list will be at Brief Encounters tomorrow with links) or you can just brouse the site. There are also a shit load of fun posts and prize give-aways, so get over there and enter while you can.

Enrico at Hotel Tuesday has outlined the 7 things he hates, and loves about public transport. See if you share his opinion.

At Joyfully Jay you can perhaps win some free books. A copy of Brita Adams Surprises and Rubbed the Right Way along with a copy of Josephine Myles’ Tailor Made.

As usual, Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos has a bunch of give-aways. Check out the site for further down deadlines, but the latest are Cinder (A Cinderfella Story) by Marie Sexton, Fall into the Sun by Val Kovalin, The Decisions We Make by RJ Scott and All the Gear, No Idea by Kim Dare.

It’s Clare London’s birthday month. Stop by her blog and see all the guest posts, everything from favourite rom/coms, to Ikea furniture assembly, to a dirty mind and free fiction. Tons of great posts.

Josephine Myles has a new serial started on her blog called Storm and Lightning. Clicking below will get you to the first installment. It’s only up to week three so you have time to catch up. As well there was some fun with Charlie Cochrane and limericks and such this week so check out the site in general.

Have a great weekend everyone. We are in for another “weather event” as they are calling it. Rain, snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, all at random intervals starting sometime Friday morning. They say the commute will be hell. Oh joy. Anyway, hope y’all have something much more pleasant than that for the net couple of days.

ETA: Ugh. Nasty weather. School buses canceled and much to my kid’s dismay, her final exam was canceled today. She was ready to write and now she has to wait until Monday, the Monday exams are pushed to Tuesday and their break day of Tuesday is gone, and they start right into second term. Oh well. She was NOT happy this morning that she got up early only to receive a text they were canceled. Traffic wasn’t too bad but I take major streets, only the last little bit to my building was slippy and I just went super slow. This is our third day since school started again on Jan. 9 that buses have been canceled. Nearly once a week. Crazy.

15 thoughts on “January Blahs

  1. Mikey says:

    Awww….Thanks Tam!!!🙂 We are all really excited!

  2. Mikey's Fiancé Ty says:


    • Tam says:

      We need to get you guys on that show “Four Weddings”, you can be the first gay couple and could win a honeymoon. We had the first lesbian couple on the Canadian version. Although I’m not sure how they’d rate you on “the dress”.

  3. Val Kovalin says:

    Tam, I just read The Santa Problem and loved it, so I’m glad you’re working on something new with those characters. 23K words is a major accomplishment! And I love the photo of Mikey and Ty’s dog! I’m not sure if he’s a bulldog or sharpei, but he’s very cute.🙂

    • Tam says:

      Thanks Val. Glad you liked it. They are 23K of unedited words. LOL Stream of consciousness.

      He’s a bulldog. I believe he’s a rescue dog and is 3.5 years old. He looks like a sweetheart.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for the mention! And congrats to Mikey & Ty!🙂

    I hear you on the January blahs… I think I’ve been mindlessly playing as much or more Reversi on my tablet as reading…

    Blech about the weather! We’re going to have snow starting this afternoon, just in time to mess up the commute – glad it’s a work at home day for me.

    • Tam says:

      Yeah, just feeling really blah. Now I just got a call that my furnace repair guys cancelled. I’m not surprised really given the conditions. It’s still raining, they said turning to snow around noon, we’ll see. I’d rather be home curled up in bed.

  5. Thanks for the plug, Tam!

    The nasty weather hit us today as well – I even saw hailstones, although fortunately they’d stopped by the time I had to head out to pick up Daisy from school.

    Glad to hear you’re writing more Lane and Gavin – they were great fun!😀

  6. Michelle M. says:

    Enrico’s banner cracks me up every time I see it.
    Sounds like a trying week for you and the Kid. I hope you both have a relaxing weekend to make up for it.

  7. […] Tam’s got some mostly m/m romance linkity at her shiny new blog. […]

  8. Talita Bruno says:

    Yay!! Super Cute Engagement!! ;o)

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