What are authors reading these days?

So I’ve been a super-bad blogger, and not in a hip way. So I thought I would ask some well-known authors in the m/m community what they are reading these days. (Not counting their own work as they edit.) This is the first five, more to follow.

Just click on any of the book covers to get to the publishers site if you want to pick it up.



JP Barnaby

JP’s recent read was:

Of Being Yours by Anna Martin

Dreamspinner Press

JP’s latest release is:


Dreamspinner Press


Blaine D. Arden

Blaine D. Arden

Blaine’s last read was:

If It Drives by Aleksandr Voinov & LA Witt

Riptide Publishing

Blaine’s latest release is:


Storm Moon Press


K.Z. Snow

K.Z. Snow

KZ doesn’t have a profile pic so this is from her last blog post. :-P


 And to be difficult (just kidding) she has been in a movie watching groove so this is one of the last movies she watched. Wow, Meryl is young there.

KZ has a new release coming this summer (no cover/link yet), called Resurrection Man. (I’m totally going straight to hell now for posting this picture. I’ll save you all a spot at the swim up lava bar.)

Sexy Jesus

Sexy Jesus


Jordan Castillo Price

Jordan Castillo Price

Jordan’s latest read was:

Dreamspinner Press

Dreamspinner Press

Jordan’s latest release was:

JCP Books

JCP Books


And we end today with a little boy/girl love. :-) Treva also doesn’t have a proper avatar on GR so I’m using this. :-P

Treva Harte

Treva Harte

The last book Treva read:

Avon Books

Avon Books

Treva’s next book isn’t out until summer and she has no link/cover yet, but it will be called The Superstar’s Nanny. In my world, this is what he looks like, or maybe this is the superstar. Either way, freaking adorable.

Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen

So come back next week and find out what some more authors are reading and their new/coming releases.

Have a great weekend.

Do you like plaid? (NSFW)


Do you like gay porn? Or pretty boys wearing plaid? Then you should check out my new Tumblr, the Plorn Blog. (We’ll see how long I keep it up, but I decided to start it as an off-shoot of my other Tumblr, Cookie Time.) Word of warning: The Plorn Blog will have more graphic material than my other one as a rule. Here are some samples: 

They might be sweet and conservative…

Or a little bit of a tease….

Maybe discrete and artsy with just a touch of plaid in the accessories…

Eli Lewis

Or much more explicit…

Bravo Delta

They might be in colour… (with or without a u)

Georgio Carerra

Or maybe in black and white…

And from time to time, may look like this.

Enjoy, and happy first day of spring.

Conversations with my Co-workers

So a few of us were having lunch together yesterday and started chatting about my upcoming move to Kuwait and having to purchase a car there.

A: Are you going to buy a boat? 

Me: What? Why?

A: Apparently lots of people buy boats there. 

Me: Why? That’s weird. It’s not Venice.

A: No, apparently since gas is so cheap, people buy boats. 

Me: That’s weird. *puzzled looks from the rest of us* I’m not buying a boat. My house is inland.

M: Are you going to buy a camel? 

Me: Ha! My daughter said I should buy one and keep it in the back yard. That would be cool.

A: Wait a minute. You give me hell for suggesting a boat and you don’t even blink when he asks if you’re going to buy a camel? 

Me: *shrug* A camel makes sense.

I could take him for car rides.

No, I’m not buying a camel, or a boat. A car yes. :-)

Conversations with my Kid #4

So I sent her this picture I found on Tumblr:

The following on-line conversation ensued:

Her: Been there done that.

Me: Came shooting out of a giant ape’s heart tube?

Her: Mhmm. Don’t you know that’s what I did in bio?

Me: Was that before or after you fainted over a dead frog?

Her: Shut up.

Me: I’ll tell that story at your wedding some day.

Her: Which wedding?
Her: My first or fifth?

Me: Your first and third.
Me: The second will be a Britney Spears quickie, I won’t have time to write a speech.

Her: Its got to be long enough for me to make money off the thing

Me: Maybe he’ll be hot but penniless, you’ll come to your senses after a crazy night of drinking and get an annulment.

Somehow I don’t think our respect for the holy union of matrimony is all that sacred. At least she has a long term plan.

Keeping the options open.

I’m writing someone else a story.

Now it’s the reverse. Seems the run on story requests has slowed down. There were plenty of choices this morning and I even had time to click around to find something that caught my interest.

So I am doing this for JustJen.

Dear Author,

There is a dead body inside the trunk of my car…

I can’t believe this — I leave my car at the airport and when I return from my 3-day trip and am going to put my luggage, there is a dead body in it. It is the body of a senator’s son who has been kidnapped several days before. Suddenly, I have a homicide detective asking me questions and reporters trying to get a story from me and the senator making grief phone calls — and not to mention the kidnappers who somehow think I could help the Police Department break this case. How this is my life? I’m just a boring accountant. How the heck could I get out from this mess?

And how can I land a date with the brooding homicide detective who works this case? Uhm, yeah, so this last one, might be a wishful thinking but darn, he’s dreamy…

I imagine this would fall in the lighter or with humor contemporary story, despite the dead body. Please make the detective African American. The accountant should be white, nerdy guy. No insta-love, please.



The accountant

The Detective

So I’ve never written a mystery/police type story before. But I like doing things that lean to the humorous side so it should be fun. I’ll give a word of warning, this will NOT be a realistic police story, just as shows like Castle and Law & Order are not wholly realistic. It will be to let your imagine soar. :-)

Since I’ve been totally unmotivated to write lately…


The shark is the deadline.

Someone is writing me a story

Some of you may be aware that the m/m Goodreads group has once again launched their massive writing event. This year the title is Love’s Landscapes. They are doing it a bit different, releasing stories in batches at specific times. I’ve only got there once while there were still stories as they are snapped up quickly, but that’s okay. I’ll see if later in the game they need an author.

Anyway, I did submit a prompt which was chosen by Paula Coots.

Below is the picture I submitted and the prompt for the author. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with it. I’m pretty easy-going and am letting her run with her imagination as to how it plays out. Of course it won’t be posted until summer-time so I have quite a wait to go.

Dear Author,

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Not because I’m about getting fit and buff, but because I have a bit of an ice-cream addiction. Spending some time on the elliptical means I can eat as much as I want, almost guilt-free. He started coming into the gym about 6 months ago. I’d never seen him before and I’d been going here for about 2 years. He looked like he could bench press a small car and I would have been happy to have him bench press me. The best part? The tattoos. A couple of times I’d found myself getting ever closer and had to scramble to avoid an awkward weird-stalker kind of situation.

The thing was, my mom taught me growing up that guys with tattoos were scary. We’d actually run out of gas one time after she refused to get gas when she saw the attendant had tattoos. She’d never tell me why, but she’d cross the road to avoid them and was always telling me to stay away. But like most kids, the more your parents tell you to avoid something, the more it fascinates you. I hadn’t yet worked up the nerve, I wasn’t sure I ever would, to get one of my own, but men with tats? Oh god, I wanted to lay down and purr and rub myself all over them. I’d had the pleasure of doing so a few times in my short 24 years, but this guy, damn, he was all my fantasies come to life.

I’d love to take the first step, but if he’s straight, and offended, I’m toast. But he’s so yummy. Like triple chocolate with caramel swirls and sprinkles on top. What to do, what to do?


Tattoo obsessed guy

Existential Rambling – Rootless

The Tree with no roots by sammy-davis

The Tree with No Roots by sammy-davis

I suppose anytime there is a major life moment it makes you think about your own life and where you are, where you are going, etc. I realized that I am basically rootless. I don’t feel a strong connection to any particular geographical location. Also a couple of weeks ago Alec did a post at Thorny’s place about “home” and what that means, which made me think.


I grew up in the same place that my ancestors landed around 1911. So there is a long family history to a very small patch of ground (geographically speaking) for over 100 years, and I have tons of family of all levels who live there. It is 6 hours north of the nearest international airport (okay, pretty much the only airport), definitely not very central or major. You’d think I have strong ties there but… Eh. The only reason I go back is because my grandparents/parents live(d) there. And my parents were foolish enough to move back after they retired. I keep in touch with no one from my childhood, it’s just all behind me. Sure I love my family, but if I never went back, I’d be okay with that.

So I started thinking about retirement (because that lottery thing doesn’t seem to be working out) and where I would live. This actually came up spontaneously with some colleagues when we went for lunch Tuesday. The only reason 90% of us live in this city is because our job is here. We have no family, no real ties. It’s not “home”.


Why when you google “retirement” do you only get couples holding hands? Grrrr.

That means I wouldn’t stay here. It’s an okay city, but I have no real connection. Should my daughter follow her career path as planned, she would never move here for a job. She likes Vancouver, would I move there? It’s very expensive and who’s to say she will stay there for a job and not move around. It’s rather pitiful to follow your kid around like a lost puppy. Toronto? Eh. Pretty expensive but a nice big city. The small town I grew up in? AHAHAHAHAHA! No. Too small, too far, too nothing good. Maybe Montreal? Somewhere tropical? Could I afford that? I don’t know.

Even if that lottery ticket in my purse is a winner, I have no clue what I’d do. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t buy a house here. I really have no clue where I’d live. And then what if I were to die tomorrow. Where would my ashes be buried/stored? In my hometown? Why? My daughter doesn’t live there. Here? No one to care that I’m here? My daughter carries me around in an urn on her mantle? That’s weird. Sprinkle me somewhere? Where? I have no roots or connection remember. Snort me like Keith Richards?

This is pretty

This is pretty

Sigh. I’m not about to retire anytime soon. By that time so many things in my life will change, and I don’t plan on ending up in an urn for even longer. However I sometimes envy people who have a strong tie to somewhere, anywhere. On the other hand, picking up and heading off to the Middle East or Africa or wherever is easy for me. Sure I’ll miss western amenities,but those amenities could be found in any western city, not just mine.

Pros and cons. Maybe I’ve just yet to find that place. Maybe I never will. I’ll end up wandering the rest of my days. Could be worse.

So what are your plans? Do you have it all figured out? Stay where you are, move somewhere you’ve dreamed of? Or are you flailing around like me and hoping to land somewhere you don’t hate some day?